Drive away in your dream car with Salary Sacrificing

May 5, 2020

Salary sacrificing is one of the smartest ways to finance and purchase your new car. At PayMe, we’ve made the process easy with our exclusive partnership with Alliance Leasing. The partnership between you, your employer and our leasing company mean the process is simple and straightforward for setting up your salary sacrifice. Upon finding and settling on your ideal car, we make arrangements for its purchase through a novated lease. The novated lease arrangement enables you to spend your income before it is taxed and receive more cash in hand on payday. Contractors of PayMe receive this arrangement free of charge, that’s right, your management fees won’t change when you add your dream car!

If novated leasing is a brand new concept to you then follow through to the Alliance Website for detailed information on what it means for you and how much you can save! .

From now until 30 June 2019 you can benefit from the Alliance Leasing EOFY Sale with huge discounts on manufacturer drive away pricing. With all the expenses bundled into one easy payment there really has never been a better time to buy a car than now.