No Holiday Leave?? Problem solved with BankITâ„¢

May 1, 2020

Contractors, no paid leave this Australia Day?

Tired of always being the one working over the holiday period or having a reduced pay packet when you do take time off?

Well now you can be paid on leave with PayMe’s unique BankITâ„¢ arrangement. For example if you worked over your standard hours for your pay cycle, i.e. you work 50 hours in a week and your standard contract hours are 40, you can simply bank the additional 10 hours. Be paid whilst you go on holidays, just like a full time employee, by calling on the funds you secured in BankITâ„¢.

To utilise the BankITâ„¢ arrangement, simply state on your email with your timesheet that you would like to bank your additional hours.

If you are not with PayMe; call us on 1800 082 006, make the switch and enjoy your holidays, with Pay!