Recruitment Company

Attract and retain your contingent workforce with the best pay conditions in Australia.

Engage PayMe as your outsourced payroll provider.



PayMe delivers outsourced payroll services to labour hire companies enabling them to give their casual labour hire employees the advantage in cash in hand through salary packaging, LAFHA, fee free novated leasing.

It is important to know that PayMe does not employ your workers. You cannot “contract away” your legal employer obligations using a contract that characterises PayMe as a supplier of labour. We do not interview, meet, reference check or know your employees in any way other than by email or telephone.  If we supplied labour we would be in competition with you because we would be a recruitment company; and we are not.

Let’s look after your employees legally; engage us to supply outsourced payroll for your casual employees. We can even supply you with a contract to do so.   If you would like to discuss this, our point of contact is Ian Lindgren, Executive Chairman, PayMe Australia. Email: Mobile: 0414 245 254.

If you do require us to sign a contract that characterises PayMe as the employer, you will have forced a sham contract on us in order for us to do business with you.  We will sign it, and we will deliver outsourced payroll services only.   Everything that is outside the scope if the services described in this agreement with your employee, will not be delivered.